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The LCC From OD Practitioner to OD Mastery Programme combines various experiential learning methods, with the study of Somatics, Ontology, Psychoanalytics, Systems Thinking, Chaos Theory, and Human Dynamics in relation to organisations and organisational development.

This highly practical, in-depth Programme has been designed to equip professionals, who are accountable for managing, leading and changing the organisation, (its processes, systems, ways-of-working, workforce), to enhance their skills, knowledge and practice, in their quest to effectively deliver the organisation’s goals, strategy and value to its customers.

Practitioners and Leaders attending this Programme will participate in experiential activities, the aim of which is to learn how to observe the functioning of a group in order to understand the dynamics which influence it, how they impact the ‘job-at-hand’.

This will allow for the study of issues such as leadership, followership, rivalry, boundaries, group defences and cultural and role differences, as well as relatedness and relationship between groups, boundary dynamics and issues of delegated authority.

Additionally, the programme will focus on how to achieve greater levels of collaboration (collective, partners), cooperation (helpful and willing), and coordination (synchronised, directed and aligned).

You will be able to work with the challenges, organisational dilemmas and opportunities that occur everyday, and become more proficient at seeing the bigger picture, working with multiple and competing expectations, undertaking ‘clean’ conversations, and use-of-self.

What Participants say about the OD Mastery Programme

OD Mastery RoadMap

LCC Organisational Development

Becoming an OD Practitioner is a journey, consisting of formal learning, on-the-job experience, expert input and peer supervision. 

Practitioners often find themselves on the journey, which  quite often is not deliberate.  However, the natural dynamics of people and organisations (systems) within the context of Change and Transformation, will inevitably draw one into this domain of knowledge.

The Journey typically begins with Core Knowledge, perhaps moving onto Focused Developed.  However, many programmes end here. 

In contrast, the LCC Journey recognises that knowledge is not enough – and so our LCC Mastery Programme moves the Practitioner to higher levels of expertise, in order to be a true Leader of Change and Influence.

January 1, 2019

Core Knowledge

– Overview: Organisational Development & Design
– Knowledge of Change and Process Design / Development

January 1, 2019
January 1, 2019

Advanced Technical Knowledge

Focussed Development could include:
– OD Practitioner Certificate / Programme
– MSc in Organisation & People Development
– Advanced MBA level

January 1, 2019
January 1, 2019

LCC OD Mastery Programme (Module 1)

OD Practitioner to Mastery – Beyond theories, tools and techniques

January 1, 2019
January 1, 2019

LCC OD Mastery Programme (Module 2)

OD Mastery – The key to higher levels of transformation, excellence and long-term success

January 1, 2019

Why Enrol?

This highly practical, in-depth Programme has been designed to equip Leaders and Change Professionals to enhance their skills, knowledge and practice, in their quest to effectively deliver the organisation’s goals, strategy and value to its customers

Organisational Development
  • Adapt to the increasing pace of change and dealing with complex problems
  • Assess and develop the health and effectiveness of the organisation
  • Integrate and align people and organisational resources to more effectively deliver the organisation objectives

Influencing Persuading & Facilitating
  • Develop the capacity to view and understand organisations as systems
  • Learn practical skills to establish productive relationships with clients and work groups, through experimenting with the application of module learning, to real work situations
  • Learn why, when and how to intervene at different levels of system
  • Increase ability to use one’s self-as-an-instrument for intervention
  • Expand skills in specialised OD areas via powerful experiential learning

Embodied Learning
  • Build sustainable capacity to further our goals
  • Remain embodied and connected under pressure will enable you to be more inspiring as a Leader and impactful as a Practitioner
  • Demonstrate embodiment, to ensure our action consistently reflect our values and commitment, especially when under pressure
  • Embody our leadership, by securing alignment between our vision and declaration, with our daily practices
  • Being able to drive transformational change through embodying our ability to stay centered and present, as it helps us to shift to a more creative, compassionate and skilful state

Right Data
  • Gain an understanding of how data-driven models can improve our ability to make decisions in a fast-paced and uncertain world
  • More fully understand the drivers and manifestations of a situation, to more effectively improve results
  • Learn to assess the reliability of data, extract strategic business insights, and to predict future trends
  • Develop and defend evidence-based insights, recommendation, and decisions, as well as more clearly communicating these insights to all stakeholders


The OD Territory & Context

Confirming the foundation upon which we build our OD and Leadership Practice:

  • Reviewing the foundational principles of OD, how and why they have evolved over time, and how they continue to influence current OD theories and methods
  • Exploring the underlying assumptions of the Organisation Development (OD) Practice, to promotes organisation health and effectiveness
  • Mapping the Tools, Theories and Frameworks that underpin our OD Thinking and Practice

Who Should Attend?

The OD Mastery Programme has been designed for professionals, who are accountable for leading, managing and changing their organisation, its processes, systems, ways-of-working, workforce approach, etc.

It is assumed that the individuals attending the programme will have worked in human systems for a number of years, and want to extend their knowledge, skills, and confidence through a challenging, integrative and supportive learning experience.

This Programme is designed for diverse, intact cohorts of colleagues, and will draw on participant’s commitment to support learning at multiple levels of a system (individual, team – or group – and whole organisation), to gain insights into the unconscious processes that affect all organisational systems.

Our commitment is to develop Practitioners, Leaders and Organisations that can successfully meet the challenge of their goals, objectives, and day-to-day reality.

This may include, but is not exclusive to:

– OD Specialists and Practitioners

– Senior HR management professionals responsible for formulating and or implementing strategy

– HR Business Partners

– Consultants and Coaches

– Seniors Leaders who are responsible for mobilising teams and delivery on strategy

– Anyone that has aspirations of becoming an HR Director

– Individuals who want to deepen their own awareness and practice – to experience themselves as a group member and facilitator, to understand their impact in and on groups

Unique Programme Features?

– A uniquely diverse faculty, offering a broad range of academic rigour, practitioner experience, and development proficiency
– Building a cohort as a learning community to create and disseminate knowledge and practice, including outside the modules and beyond the programme

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Organisational Development Mastery Programme

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“ This Programme has enabled me to think about organisations in a completely different way. It has not only developed me as a Practitioner but has changed me as a Leader”
OD & HR Director

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