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Labyrinth Coaching & Consulting specialises in Organisational Development Training, OD consulting, and OD practitioner development. We are recognised for our ability to work in partnership with you and your senior leaders to identify and analyse those trends which may be hindering your organisation’s performance, and for co-creating and implementing innovative od interventions and change management solutions.

We are a global development consultancy specialising in Organisational Development & Design training. We provide a range of training courses, including our flagship ODMastery Programme and OD&D training. This is an internationally recognised and proven program which has been designed for the modern workplace.

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Organisational Design & Development

Consulting & Practitioner Development

Consulting to you:
We approach organisational development from a holistic perspective. Our knowledge about systems as well as human behaviour enables us to view organisations as dynamic entities. When these entities are properly aligned and linked, an environment of high performance, growth and healthy relationships is created.

Practitioner Development:
Our hands-on OD practice, as well as our developer credentials and experience (in both tailored and public programmes), enables us to provide theoretical as well as practical development that empowers and enables your OD and HR teams in their roles as organisational change agents.

Additionally, we are uniquely able to develop OD practitioner instrumentality (Self-as-Instrument) by offering personal credibility development through our embodied leadership approach.

Our Organisation Development & Design Training Programmes

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OD Mastery
Organisational Development

“Become an Expert at Facilitating Organisational Development through Large Systems Change”

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Organisation Design
Organisational Development

“Dynamic organisation Design for Higher Performance”

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OD for HR Leaders
Organisational Development

“Understand the overlap and dynamic tension between HR and OD, and how it can be used to improve organisational and employee effectiveness & performance”

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