Coaching & Shadow Consulting

“Manifesting your Leadership Capability”


Knowing one’s emotions, strengths, weaknesses, drives, values, and goals— and their impact on others


Controlling or redirecting disruptive emotions and impulses


Being driven to achieve for the sake of achievement. Unflagging energy to improve


Considering others’ feelings, especially when making decisions

Social Skills

Managing relationships to move people in desired directions

Skilled executive coaching is invaluable to individuals and organisations. It aligns individuals’ personal ambitions, strengths and passions with those of the organisation.

We work with senior executives and business owners to accelerate their development by combining the application of behavioural sciences, business management, systems theory and management consulting.

We provide tailored coaching through individual development contracts or as part of a wider organisational development initiative. Our starting point is to agree with you your aims, style and coaching approach. Our interventions typically focus on:

  • Awakening you to what is possible, to become more clear, aware and integrate the many dimensions of yourself into your work
  • Improving business performance by creating personal stretch goals in line with corporate objectives
  • Enabling you to consistently challenge yourself to higher levels of personal excellence and learning
  • Supporting and accelerating personal and organisational change
  • Emphasising the somatic (“the living body in its wholeness”) shifts in you to create sustainable change and transformation
  • Facilitating learning “in the moment” while the work is happening, without the need for down-time
  • Promoting balance and providing a stable base during periods of major organisational and career change
  • Supporting others in making the transition to new roles and cultures.

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