Organisational Development Practitioner Development

u201cHarnessing your organisationu2019s potentialu201d

We specialise in Organisational Development (OD) consulting, and OD practitioner development.u00a0

We are recognised for our ability to work in partnership with you to identify and analyse those trends which may be hindering your organisationu2019s performance, and for co-creating and implementing innovative interventions and solutions.

Consulting to you:
We approach organisational development from a holistic perspective. Our knowledge about systems as well as human behaviour enables us to view organisations as dynamic entities. When these entities are properly aligned and linked, an environment of high performance, growth and healthy relationships is created.

Practitioner Development:
Our hands-on OD practice, as well as our developer credentials and experience (in both tailored and public programmes), enables us to provide theoretical as well as practical development that empowers and enables your OD and HR teams in their roles as organisational u201cchange agentsu201d. Additionally, we are uniquely able to develop OD practitioner instrumentality (Self-as-Instrument) by offering personal credibility development through our embodied leadership approach.

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OD Mastery

OD Mastery Programme

u201cBecome an Expert at Facilitating Organisational Development through Large Systems Changeu201d

Leading in the organisational setting is becoming increasingly difficult because of the complexities of organisational life, increase in regulation in all sectors and the risk of litigation. All organisations need leaders who can lead performance under pressure, who can handle challenges effectively, and who can ultimately achieve business goals.

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OD for HR Leaders

OD for HR Leaders

HR leaders and OD practitioners need to understand the overlap and dynamic tension between HR and OD, and how it can be used to improve organisational and employee effectiveness

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Organisational Design

Organisational Design

Organisations face recurring and continuous change, and in order to maintain or increase productivity, performance and profit, they need to effectively respond to these challenges. The problem lies in knowing what needs to change, how to change it and when is the best time for change

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