HR Business Partnering Practitioner Development

“Influencing the heart of Business”

We develop credible Human Resource Business Partners, to partner closely with an organisations’ senior leadership and management teams in order to develop an effective HR agenda to support the organisational objectives.

The necessity of HR business partnering is growing as more organisations take a people-focused approach and see how important it is for agendas to align with a common goal.

HRBP’s have a unique role and function, and as such need to be competent, credible, insightful practitioners, who are able to make a real difference as agents of change, whilst fostering good human resources practice alongside organisational strategy.

Our unique approach to HRBP development encompasses the principles of strategic alignment, credible partnering (“support and challenge”), effective communication, cost-effective management, and the ability to foster stategic and tactical networking on behalf of the Partnership.

See our HRBP Development Programmes:


HR Business Partnering through Consultancy (HRBP)


HRBP through Consultancy

The fundamental skill set of a successful BP is different to traditional HR roles – including consultancy skills, change management, stakeholder management, and strong influencing capabilities. HRBP’s need to be business savvy, credible individuals with the ability to form deep, strong relationships and really get ‘under the skin’ of the organisation

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Effective Facilitation


Effective Facilitation

Effective facilitation is a sought after skill in most organisational contexts to encourage full participation, promote mutual understanding and help groups and teams to reach higher levels of consensus, and a deeper commitment to agreements

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