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HR Business Partnering Practitioner Development

The role of the HR Business Partner (HRBP) is to work in partnership with key stakeholders to achieve their strategic ‘people’ objectives. As HR departments continue to battle to maintain a solid reputation of adding value to the organisation, HR professionals must be well equipped to deal with challenges and resistances. This means that HR employees must be highly skilled if they are to successfully win over their business clients and deliver the people strategy.

The fundamental skill set of a successful BP is different to traditional HR roles – including consultancy skills, change management, stakeholder management, and strong influencing capabilities. HRBP’s need to be business savvy, credible individuals with the ability to form deep, strong relationships and really get ‘under the skin’ of the organisation.

This role change and accompanying skill-set needs to be explicitly recognised, and time be invested in professionals that are becoming business partner

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Why Enrol?

  • Understand the relationship between Strategic HR, HR Business Partners and OD practitioners, and the value each contributes to the organisation
  • Develop an understanding of the field and nature of OD
  • Assess your own organisation’s interpretations and implementation of strategic HR and OD
  • Obtain data to initiate and manage organisational change through understanding and evaluating the organisation at a systemic level
  • Recognise and influence the underlying dynamics and strategic decisions and activities using The Consequence Leadership Model™
  • Explore different OD intervention tools and techniques and learning why, when and how to intervene at different systemic levels
  • Be more choice-full in response to underlying dynamics or chaotic and complex situations
  • Develop the capability and confidence for using one’s Self as an agent of change



Framing the context: The Role of HR Business Partnering
  • Mapping the Domain of HR
  • The HR Business Partner Role
  • Mapping and analysing the HR function
  • Process Consulting
Understanding Business Strategy, Competitive Advantage and Value Proposition
  • H.R.’s Strategic Contribution
  • Ulrich’s ‘Line of sight’ model of HR interventions
  • Organisational Culture and culture management 
  • H.R. Levers and measuring HR impact

Enhancing your Personal Credibility for effective Process Consulting
  • Planning what to do next –  developing a Personal Development Plan

Who Should Attend?

This programme has been developed for practitioners or leaders who want to work in partnership with their clients to focus on resolving organisational and people issues and delivering measurable results. This could include:

  • Internal and external consultants
  • HR Professionals
  • Leaders who want to enhance their understanding of organisational and people issues and who want to work in close partnership with key decision-makers
  • HR Business partners who are new to their role or who would like to develop their skills to support the organisation’s wider aims and objectives
  • Business Partners across other back office functions

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