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OD Practitioner to Mastery – Module 1 Oct 2019

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new flagship programme “OD Mastery”.  Limited to only 20 participants. Reserve your space today in the 2019 cohort today.

What is Organisational Development? Is it a method, a framework, a strategic approach, a philosophy? Actually, it is all these, and more…

For those of us who have been on the journey, you know that there is always more to learn. The domain of Organisational Development is constantly evolving, and with the relentless pace of organisational life, constant change and transformation programmes, and ever changing political and economic factors, organisations need Organisational Development more than ever.

So, how does the OD Practitioner (or anyone in Leadership / Change / HR roles) orientate and adapt to what OD is now today and in the future? Much like a personal development professional (psychologists, counsellors, coaches), there comes a time when the theories, methodologies and frameworks are not enough. The experienced practitioner wants to have a more forceful and dynamic impact on organisational decision-makers and key stakeholders. Personal impact becomes much more about “who we are”, and our ability to diagnose problems and make recommendations based on an understanding and comfort with working with organisational dynamics.

The Practitioner’s credibility is further enhanced by their ability to “see the bigger picture”, and to mitigate and prepare the organisation as it moves through transformation and change.

Developing these advanced abilities is what moves one from Practitioner to Mastery.

Why is this Programme so Beneficial?

This programme will focus on three key enablers for the OD Master:

1. ‘Self-as-Instrument’ – Moving from concept to practice

Leadership is so much more than what we ‘know’, rather it is about who we are, and ‘how we show up’ – our embodiment of leadership.

  • Develop your capacity/bandwidth for Showing-Up and staying present in challenging situations
  • Provide a compelling presence that others can trust and follow your OD and Leadership recommendations
  • Facilitate and engage in important conversations to help the organisation find innovative and creative solutions to its challenges, whilst attending to the underlying organisational dynamics

2. Tackling the Iceberg Model – Developing a Working knowledge of Psychodynamics:

If we consider the organisation as a system that has its own life which is conscious and unconscious, with subsystems relating to and mirroring one another, it becomes important and necessary for the OD Practitioner to:

Develop the capacity to manage themself in the multiple roles necessary for contemporary leadership

  • Identify, understand, and attend to the motivations that drive behaviors, attitudes, habits, etc.
  • Work at an Individual, Team and Organisational level, to clearly understand and challenge the ability and pace of change the organisation can cope with

3. OD Strategy in response to Organisational Strategy

  • Understanding and working with the three sources of data – Self, Internal and External
  • Mining new insights from data analysis – Iceberg and Theory U – for truly innovative and transformational potential

Who Should Attend?

The Programme is designed for diverse, intact cohorts of colleagues, and will draw on participants’ commitment to support learning at multiple levels of a system (individual, team or group, and whole organisation), to gain insights into the unconscious processes that affect all organisational systems:

  • OD Specialists and Practitioners
  • Senior HR management professionals responsible for formulating and or implementing strategy
  • HR Business Partners
  • Consultants and Coaches
  • Seniors Leaders who are responsible for mobilising teams and delivering strategy
  • Anyone who has aspirations of becoming a Director
  • Individuals who want to deepen their own awareness and practice – to experience themselves as a group member and facilitator, to understand their impact in and on groups

Any questions? Email us at info@odmastery.com or Call us on 020 8064 1404

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