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21 Nov 19 - 22 Nov 19


12:00 am - 11:00 pm

OD for HR Leaders (2 Days)

This course also forms part of the L7 Advanced Award in Organisation Design and Development.

There’s an increasing need for organisations to respond and adapt to globalisation; as well as technology, virtual working and competition, with an emphasis on more flexible working practices, partnerships and networks. The Organisation Development for HR Leaders course gives you an opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills to use OD interventions to diagnose, plan, change and develop your organisation for sustainable performance.

By the end of this course, you’ll understand the relationship between strategic HR, HR business partners and OD practitioners, and the value each contributes to your organisation. The interactive group discussions and exercises will help you to assess your own organisation’s implementation of strategic HR and OD. You’ll also recognise, and influence, underlying dynamics and strategic decisions and activities, and respond to chaotic and complex situations.

Who Should Attend:

Organisation Development for HR Leaders is a practical and interactive course designed for HR leaders, or OD practitioners, looking to understand the dynamic relationship between HR and OD and how it can improve organisational and employee effectiveness.


By the end of the course you’ll be able to:

  • understand the relationship, similarities and differences between HR Strategy, HR Business Partners and OD Practitioners, as well as the value each contributes to the organisation
  • demonstrate an understanding of the field and nature of OD
  • assess your own organisation’s interpretation and implementation of HR Strategy, OD and HR Business Partners using diagnostic organisational modelsobtain data to decide how to initiate and manage organisational change by evaluating the links between the various elements and the underlying dynamics
  • recognise and influence the strategic decisions and activities using The Consequence Leadership Model™
  • gain an understanding of various OD intervention tools and techniques and their appropriate application
  • be more choice-full in response to underlying dynamics or chaotic and complex situations
  • develop confidence as an OD Practitioner
  • practice applying a variety of alternative approaches to exploring and understanding OD in the context of an organisation.


  • HR strategy, HR business partner and OD
  • Organisational models as a roadmap to diagnosis and interventions
  • Exploring the systemic balancing of the various organisational
  • Working to ensure interventions impact the root causes
  • The Consequence Model ™, Interventions ‘toolkit’
  • Building your capacity – becoming a compelling leader and practitioner
  • Application – simulating the world of work.
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