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Change is never easy – as human beings we have innate drivers to seek and maintain equilibrium.

Change Management Development

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Change is never easy – as human beings we have innate drivers to seek and maintain equilibrium. However, we know that any change that is well communicated, managed, coordinated and participatory, and where people are ‘held’ through difficult phases, will lead to the organisation’s ability to move to and remain with the new desired change.

Today’s organisations exist in a climate of constant and increasing change. The many, dynamic and contradictory drivers for change include innovations in technology, working practices (including outsourcing and partnerships), mergers, increased demands from regulation, and the need to achieve more with less.

What we Focus on in Change Management:

Organisations that have learned how to transform themselves through effective strategies and change initiatives are more likely to survive and prosper. At Labyrinth Coaching & Consulting, we take a holistic perspective of change initiatives, and are able to partner with you at multiple levels within your organisation:

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At an Organisational Level:

  • Strategy development
  • Employee engagement
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At a Group / Business Unit Level:

  • Cultural audits
  • Behavioural development
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At an Individual Level:

  • Leading people through change
  • Integrating the new psychological contract

Our Change Management Development Programmes

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Effective Change Management
Change Management

“Achieving High Performance in Times of Change”

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Advanced Change Management
Change Management

“Leading others through change with empathy, resourcefulness and dignity ”

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