Improving Personal and Organisational Performance

The Practice of OD

The Practice of OD

"Develop yourself as a competent and confident OD Practitioner"

This programme provides an understanding of Organisational Development (OD) by going beyond the surface to appreciate how the different elements of the organisation, individuals, teams and processes interrelate.
Participants will have the opportunity to explore the various theories underpinning OD, and how these can be practically applied in the workplace. There will also be a strong focus on developing your instrumentality as an OD professional.

Who should attend this programme:

This programme is designed for OD practitioners or consultants, HR professionals, line managers and L&D professionals who want to reinforce and enhance their technical expertise, their knowledge of the theories and practices underlying OD, as well as their process consultation skills.

It is also particularly suitable for all professionals who are moving into OD, consulting, coaching or line management roles that have a change or people performance focus.

Benefits to you and your organisation

Attending this programme will enable you to:

  • Define your understanding of OD and how its theories, concepts, principles, and values can be applied within your organisation
  • Enhance your Process Consultation skills through understanding your consulting role, develop your competence at each stage of the OD cycle and enhance personal effectiveness
  • Understand the relationship between OD and HR
  • Utilise a variety of organisational models, frameworks and tools to gather and analyse data about your organisation
  • Understand the organisation’s processes, dynamics, and default patterns of working from a systemic perspective
  • Go beyond just 'knowing' to enhancing your capability, capacity, presence and credibility as an ‘instrument’
  • Understand the nature of various interventions and examine how these could be applied within your organisation:
    • facilitation of group dynamics
    • holistic change and transformation
    • cultural change
    • Large Group Interventions
    • organisation design
  • Experience the way in which groups and their dynamics affect OD practice
  • Gain an understanding of current and emerging thinking in the field of OD

Programme Content:

This programme consists of three modules:

  • The fundamental practice of OD
  • Developing your interventions 'Toolkit' - the underlying elements of all interventions
  • Extending and deepening your repertoire as a Practitioner

44HAU0151RFThe Fundamental Practice of OD:

  • Description and definition of OD and how it has developed
  • OD practice: principles and values
  • The OD cycle and the choices it affords practitioners
  • Understanding the relationship between OD and HR
  • Demystifying the organisation and working with organisational models
    (data analysis)
  • Organisational Analysis
  • Working with the whole system to ensure interventions impact
    root causes (Ultimate Compass)
  • The Consequence Model ™
  • Embodying your Instrumentality - going beyond ‘just knowing’ to enhance your capability, capacity,
    presence and credibility as an ‘instrument’
  • Planning for the collation, analysis and sense making of the data
  • Understanding and planning how you will attend to the bridging work


Business people sitting in seminarDeveloping your Interventions ‘Toolkit’ – The underlying Elements of All Interventions:

  • Understanding the various elements of interventions
  • Underlying principles of all OD interventions:
    • Working with the living system
    • Managing ‘unsolvable’ dilemmas and paradoxes
  • Understanding the relationship between OD and HR
  • Understanding the relationship between OD and change (physiological, relational and adaptive levels)
  • Facilitating group dynamics (advanced level)
  • Considerations for changing organisational culture
  • Understanding and planning how you will attend to the bridging work


Higher education studentsDeveloping your Interventions ‘Toolkit’ – Extending and Deepening your Repertoire as a Practitioner:

  • Organisation-wide interventions
  • Understanding the nature and purpose of Large Group Interventions (experiencing an LGI)
  • The Fundamentals of Organisation Design
  • Considerations for the Future (Corporate Social Responsibility, Generation Y, spirituality in the workplace)
  • Real work’ application clinic - learning from others' experiences
  • Planning what to do next – how to apply the learning




  • Business people using tablet computerReal Work Project - Participants will be asked to identify a real work project that they can work on throughout the programme and between modules to enable them to practice and embed the various concepts and elements that they are learning
  • Peer Coaching - Participants will be invited to select a partner for support and challenge conversations between modules with regards their action plans and application of their learning
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