Improving Personal and Organisational Performance

How we work with you

How we work with you

It is our policy to allocate one or more named account managers to each of our clients so that they have the benefit of a constant reference point. Delivery to meet our client’s needs would additionally be supported by our Administrator. For any initiative or programme our account managers will assess the capacity required and carefully select the team of consultants.

They will draw from our team of associates and strategic partners, who are selected from a wide range of backgrounds, varied expertise and experience and from both public and private sectors. We are known for the calibre of our consultants - all of whom have many years experience of working in People and Organisational Development, as well as personal experience of managing and leading teams within different sectors and industries. All are qualified to the appropriate level.


Our professional team go through the same rigorous selection process, which involves live training, coaching or facilitation with members of our team. Associates and strategic partners are only fully accepted to work with us once they have successfully conducted a number of client assignments together with a member of our core team. We therefore feel we are able to offer only the highest quality interventions and development as all our consultants have experience of working at senior levels and bring a strong self-awareness to their practice.


We believe in selecting a team that provides the client and the project with the right mix of skills, knowledge and experience, whether that is experience of the sector or of a specific distinction of the initiative or development field.

We are confident that we will are able to meet the delivery requirements of our clients in all but the most exceptional circumstances. Our excellent relationship with our network of associates means that we have great flexibility in our delivery options and are able to adapt to unforeseen changes (e.g. consultant illness) with a minimum of inconvenience to the client. Our consultants have an excellent track record of delivering large-scale initiatives or development programmes over extended periods of time and maintaining the highest standards of quality throughout.

We are committed to our own continuous personal and professional development, which enables us to constantly build our own knowledge base, which we in-turn share with you