Improving Personal and Organisational Performance

OD for HR Leaders

OD for HR Leaders

“Understand the overlap and dynamic tension between HR and OD, and how it can be used to improve organisational and employee effectiveness ”

Achieving long-lasting transformational change is required by organisations responding to globalisation, increasing technology, virtual working, increased competition and an emphasis on more flexible working practices, partnerships and networks.  HR leaders and OD practitioners need to understand the overlap and dynamic tension between HR and OD, and how it can be used to improve organisational and employee effectiveness.

This progressive and highly practical interactive programme will enable you to enhance your OD capability to develop the potential, capacity and capability of the organisation, its culture, its systems and its employees.

Who should attend this programme:

  • HR leaders and managers
  • OD specialists and practitioners
  • Internal change agents
  • Consultants
Benefits to you and your organisation
Attending this programme will enable you to:
  • Understand the relationship between Strategic HR, HR Business Partners and OD practitioners, and the value each contributes to the organisation
  • Exhibit an understanding of the field and nature of OD
  • Assess your own organisation’s interpretations and implementation of strategic HR and OD
  • Obtain data to initiate and manage organisational change through understanding and evaluating the organisation at a systemic level
  • Recognise and influence the underlying dynamics and strategic decisions and activities using The Consequence Leadership Model™
  • Explore different OD intervention tools and techniques and learning why, when and how to intervene at different systemic levels
  • Be more choice-full in response to underlying dynamics or chaotic and complex situations
  • Develop the capability and confidence for using one’s self as an agent of change
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Defining and distinguishing HR Strategy, HR Business Partner (HRBP) and OD:

  • The OD starting block
  • Considering the dyad of HR and OD for your organisation and exploring the implications of HR Business Partnering

Providing an OD foundation:

  • Organisational Models as a roadmap to diagnosis and interventions

The Ultimate Compass:

  • Working with the whole system to ensure interventions impact the root causes

The Consequence Model™:

An Interventions ‘toolkit’:

  • An orientation to interventions
  • Mapping ‘tried and tested’ interventions
  • Considering your boundaries

Embodying your Instrumentality:

  • Build your capacity and capability as the instrument
  • Steps for being a compelling leader and practitioner

Planning what to do next – how to apply the learning:

  • Simulating the world of work
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