Improving Personal and Organisational Performance

The Emerging Leader

The Emerging Leader

“Developing your essential managerial toolkit”

This programme is for you if you are new to management, or a functional or technical specialist about to embark on a managerial role and would like to increase your business acumen, build your self-confidence and raise the performance of yourself and others.  This programme focuses on the vital link team leaders play in delivering the organisation’s strategy, standards and expectations.

It offers practical support required for managing yourself and others; motivating your team and enhancing your people skills, as well as getting the best out of your management style.  You will leave with an action plan relating to your specific work situation.

Who should attend this programme:

This programme is for those who are newly appointed or more experienced managers and leaders, who want to develop their leadership style, skills and techniques in order to meet the day-to-day challenges you and your team face

Benefits to you and your organisation
Attending this programme will enable you to:
  • Enhance your credibility as a manager through increased business acumen, greater self-confidence and more authentic relationships
  • Looking at the big picture – commercial awareness
  • Building trust and gain respect – empower your teams and motivate individuals for greater performance
  • Understand your own management style and how to manage others in an authentic way
  • Effective coaching and delegation
  • Skills practice
  • Managing others, including delegation, managing performance, influencing without authority, conflict management and dealing with “difficult” people

Programme Outline:

This programme focuses on five key areas:

  • The manager in co-ordination with others – how to build more effective relationships and teams
  • The manager in relation to the business – particularly marketing and finance
  • Managing yourself – including delegation and managing meetings
  • Managing performance – managing the performance of others and working with conflict
  • Bringing it all together – so what does this mean back in the work place?


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Exploring the role of an effective manager:

  • What knowledge, skills and attitudes are required today and in the future
  • Explore the attributes of an authentic manager

You in relation to others:

  • Using a psychometric test to enhance your self-awareness and to gain a better understanding about what drives people’s behaviour
  • Identify your current network and how to enhance your relationships with your team, and professional contacts
  • Build effective working relationships – managing your emotions in all situations and managing up the line
  • Effectively influencing others

Leading the team:

  • Understanding team roles and the dynamics of team interaction
  • Building high performance teams through effective decision-making, team motivation and empowerment

You in relation to the business:

  • Understanding strategy, the big picture and your role in it
  • The essentials of marketing and the importance of customer value
  • An overview of commercial awareness

Mastering self-management:

  • Time management and effective delegation
  • Running effective meetings
  • Practical problem solving
  • Personal impact and influencing skills

Managing performance:

  • Diagnosing performance problems in others
  • Managing and working with “difficult” people
  • Practicing courageous and productive conversations
  • Giving and receiving feedback

Bringing it all together:

  • Transitioning back to the workplace
  • Planning what to do next – how to apply the learning
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