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People Side of Project Management

People Side of Project Management




Engaging the melting pot of skills and capabilities

Given that a large part of any project or programme is about people management, this becomes a vital skill and leadership ability for any project/programme manager.

This programme focuses on leading teams, understanding and working with team dynamics and conflict, and keeping the team motivated during times of challenge, change and plateaus, especially within a matrix structure.

Who should attend this programme:

This programme is ideal for any project and programme managers who wish to enhance their leadership skills. It is also an ideal ‘team building’ programme for project teams, especially at the beginning of a project or programme.

Benefits to you and your organisation
Attending this programme will enable you to:
  • Think long-term and act more strategically
  • Understand the conflicting pressures in matrix structures
  • Build relationships and influence key stakeholders
  • Understand personal leadership styles
  • Lead others through the project life-cycle
  • Build effective project teams
  • Organise and delegate more effectively
  • Inspire others to deliver against project objectives
  • Manage conflict constructively
  • Monitor results, and respond to the changing environment
  • Learn from projects
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Understanding the organisational strategy and vision:

  • How projects make a difference
  • Considering the implication of your organisational model and what this demands of you as a project manager
  • What do you need from the Project Board?

The reasons projects fail:

  • Analysis of key issues
  • Managing for success
  • How  methodology helps us

Understanding projects in matrix structures:

  • The locus of control
  • The skills required of a project manager

Stakeholder management:

  • Relationship mapping
  • Strategies for gaining ‘buy-in’ to projects
  • Managing difficult meetings

Leading effective project teams:

  • Understanding personal communication styles
  • Developing flexibility in communication

Personal Leadership style:

  • Increasing the project manager’s repertoire
  • Linking the various styles to the project life-cycle

Developing high performing project teams:

  • Identifying characteristics of high performing teams
  • The team development process
  • Communication and decision-making
  • Inspiring others to deliver on projects
  • Effective project organisation, briefing and delegation

Dealing with Conflict:

  • Team dynamics – causes of conflict
  • Conflict resolution

Project exercise – putting it all into practice:

  • Collaborative and flexible teamwork – managing the tension

Learning from Projects:

  • Effective project reviews
  • Knowledge-sharing from projects
  • Celebrating successes
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