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Leadership Development

Leadership Development





“Leadership cannot be taught, but it can be learned…”

Effective leaders know themselves and what they care about, as well as empower people to be the best they can be. Our leadership approach invites you to fully explore those values, behaviours and ‘ways of being’ we see in exemplary leadership.

Exemplary leadership is the ability to take effective action aligned with one’s values, in the moment and context at hand. Such leaders are able to use their multiple intelligences (cognitive, intuitive, emotional, spiritual and physical) to build trust quickly, mobilise others towards solutions, generate courage as well as empathy, whilst holding contradictions when necessary.

An exemplary leader can easily move into the right action (as opposed to stopping at a good idea) to create the desired outcome. Leadership presence and the capacity to act on one’s values and multiple concerns can be developed through aligned practices and self-cultivation.

Our Leadership and Management programmes include:


Leading for tomorrow with vision, direction and impact



Realising your true potential as a leader



Developing your essential managerial toolkit