Improving Personal and Organisational Performance

Embodied Learning

Embodied Learning

“Engaging the whole Self to transform and take new actions”

Our consulting and development interventions deal with the typical challenges that most people have within organisations, such as how to bring about change, articulate a compelling vision, build trust with others, resolve conflict, and create a satisfying work-life balance.

At Labyrinth Coaching & Consulting we specialise in Embodied Learning – a way of learning that goes beyond just cognitive processing and “awareness”. Many of the changes that we seek to bring about in our lives often seem beyond our control. We may be aware of what needs changing and even why this challenge came about, but oftentimes we don’t know how to effectively respond for sustainable transformation. This is due to our historical experiences that shape us into the people we are today. We embody these experiences, and our reactions and responses to them. They become unconscious to us (automatic, “knee jerk”), and inform our moods, interpretations of ourselves, others and the world, actions and reactions, connections with others, leadership, etc.

Research within the disciplines of somatics and neurobiology has established that the somatic approach is the most direct route to developing the behavioural and interpersonal skills human beings require when developing themselves and seeking change. Using somatic processes to holistically develop ourselves (biological, emotional, relational), we are able to take new, purposeful actions in the world, both professionally and personally. In our experience, embodied learning helps us to bring about a greater sense of presence, commitment, accountability, resilience and respect.

The practices of Embodied Learning can be applied in any professional and personal domains, and at Labyrinth Coaching & Consulting we specifically focus on:

  • Leadership & Management - the ability to take effective action aligned with your values, in the moment, and context at hand.
  • OD and HR Business Partner Practitioner – enhancing ‘Self-as-Instrument’: confidence, credibility and presence
  • Coaching – learning to be more self-referential in your coaching practice
  • Personal mastery – cultivating your whole Selfstrozzi-somatics-logo-300x61



Knowing yourself, what you care about, and building your capacity to fulfill on your personal aspirations