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Embodied Learning Programme

Embodied Learning Programme

“Know yourself, what you care about, and building your capacity to fulfill on your personal aspirations ”

There is a profound wisdom in the body… Once we are aware of its subtle power, the body becomes a sensitive antenna for tuning into ourselves and other people. It serves as a metaphor for every human thought, emotion, and action. It is also a ‘Master Teacher’. Where human change is concerned, there is no more effective teacher than the body. In a culture that has traditionally downgraded the flesh, and routinely characterised it as a threat to the workings of the mind, such a statement might seem strange.

But far from opposing the mind, the body reflects and is reflected by it with amazing dependability. (Ref: George Leonard & Michael Murphy, 2005).

This programme offers an opportunity to call upon your ‘Master Teacher’, not only to show you how to live a more balanced, connected and healthy life, but also to point the way toward the next stage of your development.

Who should attend this programme:

This programme is for anybody who is curious to explore the domain of embodied learning, and who wishes to transform their personal and professional lives. This programme has also proved very successful for individuals who wish to gain greater insight and understanding of issues with which they may be grappling, and invites them into new transformative practices.

This programme is suitable for:

  • Leaders and Managers
  • OD and HR Business Partner practitioners and consultants
  • Coaches
  • Professionals and other colleagues
Benefits to you and your organisation
Attending this programme will enable you to:
  • Understand the somatic domain and body as ‘Master Teacher’
  • Identify and understand your strengths and limitations to learning
  • Develop greater capacity to act and respond effectively in varying situations
  • Motivate and inspire others through compelling presence
  • Understand your learning style, strengths and limitations, and develop appropriate practices towards mastery
  • Blend and co-ordinate with others to maintain sustainable relationships
  • Develop new leadership practices
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Understand the somatic domain and body as ‘Master Teacher’

Reflect on our personal approach and preferences to life-long learning and building personal capacity

Develop congruence and presence through balance and centering

Declare a future based on what you want to master

Get in-touch with our body as a ‘Master Teacher’:

  • Tackle your personal ‘autopilot’ reactions
  • Learn to stay centered in the face of chaos and multiple demands upon you
  • Create sustainable change, be more accountable for your actions

Explore and understand what has shaped you, your learning style and your long term success and fulfilment

Identify and capitalise on your natural strengths

Learn how to effectively co-ordinate with others:

  • Explore your impact on others
  • Build trust to have honest, courageous conversations
  • Learn to extend and blend with others
  • Increase your capacity to resolve conflict
  • Give and receive grounded assessments

Understand the generative nature of language, affirmations, self limiting beliefs, boundaries and taking skilful actions

Design new personal and leadership practices

Planning what to do next – how to apply the learning

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