Improving Personal and Organisational Performance

Development Programmes

Development Programmes

Our blended learning approach to any development initiative is highly participative, as well as providing a framework for discussion, stimulate new approaches to thinking, facilitate group work and learning, and ensure there are clear outputs from the process.

A programme could include a combination of the following:

  • Experiential activities that will help the group experience working as a whole team, and review the learning from this experience.
  • Questionnaires (e.g. Situational Leadership, Thomas Kilmann Conflict Modes).
  • Psychometrics to increase the level of self-awareness of leaders/managers (e.g. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, FIRO-B, etc.).
  • Working with 'real issues' using role play where appropriate, possibly with actors to add ‘realness’.
  • Feedback from tutors, as well as from participants to each other.
  • Practical exercises requiring the use of models to think about the organisation and its requirements for the future.
  • Exercises which require personal reflection.
  • Group discussions.
  • Short information and theory inputs.
  • Use of appropriate pre-recorded videos.
  • Working on real organisational projects.
  • Appropriate and vetted external speakers to give a global perspective to the learning, scene or context setting, or to provide feedback.
  • Individual exercise and personal reflection.

Labyrinth Coaching and Consulting’s blended approach to learning, combining external training and personal development with work-based practices, and 'buddying', coaching or learning sets to provide feedback, support and challenge.

This approach, combined with our style of intervention, successfully taps into the different learning styles of the participants by combining theoretical and conceptual models and approaches, with practical experience and in-the-moment feedback on performance. We have found that this approach to learning has successfully provided participants with unique opportunities to put into practice what you have learned.